Friday, October 26, 2007

Sugar sugar

Have you ever went to any cafes that when you ask for sugar/sauces/fork/spoons etc from the counter or waiters there...they questioned you back-Why do you need it?
Well,that happen to me last night. I headed to the counter to ask for some sugars and this SMART SUPERVISOR(yea!supervisor) ask me back--->why do i need sugar for?
Bloody hell la! Why you need sugar for when your dining in Sugarbun?
To mix with your coke or fish burger izit?
i answer him back...why you think i need sugar la?to put in Coke izit?Of coz for coffee la...
really NGEk la this supervisor!customer wants sugar,he go and kepo ask customer why gok??
Translation for NGek = language origin from Sarawak meaning WTF.

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TimWalVoon said...

aok la NGEK!!!

ahlost said...

Tell the supervisor:

My house punya sugar dah habis.. I just want to bring some back so that I can make some coffee at home instead of minum di sini.

Eve! said...

Tim: yeehaa!!!

Eve! said...

ahlost: should have la...!later i go there tell him ^_^

BubblishVonne said...