Monday, October 29, 2007

23 Retro

Morning peeps,
Its my birthday today, to mark the day.
A Small gathering at The Links Bar,civic centre tonight
2000 hours

Theme: Retro
Wear anything from 70's..Bright colour with motive would normally pull the shots dou for those who doesn't have any ideas on retro attires.
To entitled for the 1st free drink,you would need to answer 1 question to test how well you know me.Answered correctly then you'll get a drink on me.
see you there.

Here's another entry for my bro-Ernest. Dad and Mom was in town to suprize us but they can't stay long as there were urgents things to cater to...thanks for the surprises!


Being a Koko to me and younger bro is tough job but hence he handle it well. Believing in his ability and skills which makes him undefeated when it comes to handling the computers. He's a tech savvy i must say...any upcoming technology he's sure to know about.
He aint typical but just a perfectionist at every things..unlike me.

Tumpang again... ^_^

Dad and mom treat us advance dinner...that's explain the happy happy joy joy looks.

FYI. He's born on 28th oct,after 4 years later on the 29 oct i came into this world we called earth.Haha!

Knowing Him,he like things quite. He may be quiet at some events,not because he anti-social but just he doesn't directly linger with people he don't know.Its what we called feelin insecurity. You can't expect everyones to be extremely friendly,rite?

Happy 27th bday! Choc cheese cake from Secret Recipe.Since i was sponsoring the cake. So I decided to tell him its gonna be a BATMAN kiddy cake,he was so worried until he saw it himself on that day itself.
Gotcha! didn't i?

Happily ever after...hak hak hak

Rock on Koko!




YOMI said...

Happy Birthday Eve!
Hope everything goes well tonight! =)

Eve! said...

will you be there?

annna said...

happy happy (belared) birthday~! ops.. lewat 1 day..