Sunday, January 16, 2011


CD secret birthday bash was planned only in 2 days before the actual day.
9 Comels to brainstorm the 1H4W secret party so it wouldn't be suspicious to him.Of course,this was done with approval from Datin

It was secretly done on the actual day itself at Embassy k- box, The Spring. Where Kee Man & Looi Chin had to bait him over dinner. We even had forbidden route even!


Everyone was efficient & super cool [steady cool!] I must say while I had butterfly in stomach 'cause I do not like surprises to fail and it felt as if it was another Got 'cha act.


The secret surprise was a success when you see Cyril's speechless face and that he actually sing his lungs out throughout the night.And this would conclude-be one of Cyril's best memoirs for year 2011.

To the peeps whom made it there & made it happen, you guys ROCKs Big!

p/s: Hidden talent was reveal that night.Meh! You all can not only sing,dance but A-Capella
p/s/s:  Everyone wants to be a princess but not a prince =)



cyrildason said...

Thanks alot Cik Adik =) It was just awesome!

kallyempire said...

fun fun fun~!