Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Native in Sarawak = Melayu?

Native children of the Dayak origin to be changed to ''Keturunan Melayu''? You must be joking!

As i quotes from source -''For you and I this is very bad. How can a Malay go to church?  How can a Malay celebrate Christmas?  How can a Malay celebrate Gawai?” he asked. He added that these children and their families ate pork as well. “How can they be of keturunan Melayu?”

Could this be a directive fault from the Education Division of a Ministry? Or an act of ignorant to acknowledged such races exist [Rebranding] ? Tell me what you think?

p/s: Next time when you fill in a form and you see a space where you suppose to put your race, if it says Malayu, Cina, India dan lain-lain and it doesn't state your race, strike off lain-lain and write down your race

Read all about it here


cyrildason said...

now where did u hear this?

Eve! said...

Cyrildason - Link of source is given in the post.

kallyempire said...

How can they say that! ridiculous!

Lotsa my friend are Iban and Bidayuh...We are more in Sarawak!

Racist kah?!

Eve! said...

kallyempire -Totally ridiculous