Thursday, April 30, 2009

Memang tidak boleh

Irene suggested i tried anonymous proxies to login arising from my OH tidak! . Below was what pop out!
Guess i can't outsmart them heh!



CreativeBitchin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so thorough one your IT administrators hahahaha. well, there are still a bunch of other proxies which you could try...

kavukz said...

hahaha..every1 seems to mumbling bout this..:P

luckily ada alternative lain..:P

but still, got some chicks i found, they still goin for it..even kena banned o d..

or u can jz contact any IT fren..hehe

Eve! said...

CreativeBitchin- *lol* Advice me pls.

Kavukz- yea!! I am also. Got alternative? Share2.

I did contact my IT colleagues,apparently there's nothing much they can do also since they work on diff shift *sobs*

Yala,FB & Meebo over office hrs.Nx time blogspot oso cannot login.huhuhk!