Friday, January 23, 2009

Bull Off


How have you been? Done with cleaning of your household? Have you completed your shopping list? Baked enough cookies? Those whois gonna be away during CNY,hv you packed your bags yet?

I know i've not post anything after 31st Dec'08. Of Nw Yr & my resolution for it, i took a chance and it was a BLAST! No, it wasn't any of those drinking till drunk nor did it party till dawn. It was just US- Me & Him.

Its just that feeling where you wanted to lay down and give it in for LOVE. Yey!To make things REALLY work out and to be this certain.(Don't get me wrong. Im NOT getting marry anytime soon nor am i pregnant. Gila sot!) That was what keeping me busy,not to mention work was tiring also.

Im still alive & kicking.Will be away the whole week of CNY. Any visiting should be made after 2nd February 2009 aight?

Im going on TOUR! ;)

1st stop would be Resort City. [Hint: Seahorse at the round about]

Happy Chinese New Yr!

Rock on peeps! xOXo

1 comment:

ahlost said...

Happy CNY to you too Eve..

Have a great one week hols :)