Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Departure

It was easier to say Hi then to say goodbye.
Dinner was great! Catching up with life and laugh as if we were high.

This is not laughing at Eve moment. I got them to smile & pose...they laugh & toast pulak.
Piggs..i still love them.

She's leaving.For the better or worst? i don't know.

Till then,
ROck on babes!


ahlost said...

Owh.. I saw these pics in facebook yesterday :D

All the best to your friend :)

T-MO-T-TING said...

saying goodbye is the hardest, but missing them is even worst...
to meet them again in the future is far more exiting...
but it will repeat the same thing over again....

in between that time, are the good times for sure...

Anonymous said... not in the picture ler. how could u guys laughing without me. i miss those days. *sigh* Regards to everyone. Love you lots.

P/s: Lov, i wish i was there for your farewell. anyway, good luck and fight for your future. Take great care, buddy.


Eve! said...

ahlost-yea...all the best for her.

t-mo-t-ting- i agree wit you.Vy touching of wat u've commented.

anonymous aka claudia- *giggles.