Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hey Beloved,

I guess all the things happen begin and end with a reason.i try to deny what my heart tells me now (cos am not so sure).Even i myself not so sure what does it mean..cos all i know now i want to live in a happy life which promising me that it worth it one says it would be easy.

I know sometimes I break hearts and yea!i remember how it felt when mine was broken.
I’d cry because time is passing too fast, and i’ll eventually lose someone I love.

In love, I really put effort and give my whole into loving you. When gap between us just gets bigger and that I feel you’re getting far.

I know you were the one who is constantly reminding you of how much you cared about me and how lucky you are to have me.

Into my life a little rain will fall,for you are like an umbrella,
to hold above my head,and help me think about,the sunny days instead.

Into my life a little sun will shine,with you a little sunshine that will be grand,
as we talk and walk together, securely hand in hand.

Into each life a little wind will blow,having you to guide me,can help me make the choice,by offering your view,and adding a new voice.

You’re constantly on my mind every now and then. I really miss you, only God’s know how much.

Serendipity yours,


T-MO-T said...

this is so deep...
as deep as a belly button...

Eve! said...

t-mo-t- Belly button? *makes mata cartoon

Anonymous said...


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sharon (^.^) said...

r u ok? *hugs*

h3iDi *'`'*-.,_☆ said...

dArLiNg, r U dOing oK? u seeMs dOwn tO me...hOw cAn i bRighteN ur cLoudeSt daYs?? hUgss..mIss ya...mUakkss

j¤ªאŊз said...

hey babe..wadever it is, hang in there! Things are gonna be ok and fine soon =) Will keep ya in my prayers *hugs*

Eve! said...

sharon (^.^)- i Really need a real warm hugs now.

h3iDi *'`'*-.,_☆-COmfort will do,babe!

j¤ªאŊ3- Thanks JO! Am hangin on tight here.

Audrey Zoe aka 陳丽珍 said...

Hmmmm......Sound so sad.
Why things turn up to be like this??
Nevermind ler. Im always here for you.
My shoulder will always be there for you to lean on and to cry on.
Hugs n Kisses~!!!!!
Love you to bits.

Anonymous said...

Indeed no one says it would be easy.

I still cared so much of you and will always be grateful to have you in my life.
Always help you through, to guide you, to help you making choices, to offer you my view and adding new voice into your life... I will.
I miss you every time we’re apart and will always cherish every moment we spent together.

As much as you miss me, I miss you more… ngah ngah ngah!!


Eve! said...

Audrey Zoe aka 陳丽珍- *wink.

Anonymous-Ur copying my words ek.