Monday, June 16, 2008


shoTim had his get together earlier then the actual day on Saturday at Garden Hill. Will load pic of where's located.

Tim has been thru' hard times in life and am honour to be part of it.
FYI,actual date for his b'day is today! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY,TIM!

i haven't have the time to load this up in FB yet. Will do soon once time permits me.
Tim used to do blog too.But he has deleted his site.I cant link him here.

Aha! Him i could link here. Love taking his pictures cause he could just enjoy posing for different frame. ^_^
I'll save them for another post in gif* perharps!

Cake 'sik' menjadi made by Missy!! taste wasnt horrible even dou it didnt rise to the actual cake size.

Missy being playful. TIm being cheeky.

Nice one!

When TIm made his wish,it took a cigratte bud to end.

Last pic of today,am not feelin well. Tones of booze and partying over the weekends!
p/s: Will brag more of what a person Tim is.
Rock ON bro!!!


gLaDieZz said...

Huggies... Get well soon. smiLes

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll be alright soon *hugs*

annna said...

Is that Timothy Wolfgang?

Eve! said...

gLaDieZz- *Hugs

rosewong- i need to go for holiday!! ^_^

annna- Yeap! tatz him

T-MO-T-TING said...

hmmm...that guy looks familiar...
is he very short? he likes to show off hes iphone rite?
or maybe i see wrong...

CreativeBitchin said...

LOL hey em mentioned you took plenty of godawful shots of him. POST! heheh...

Purple Bastard said...

You actually posted the photos. You lie!!!

Eve! said...

t-mo-t-ting - o_O''

creativebitchin- Requested granted!

purple bastard- *smiles.