Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Im not HAPPY today, nor i was yesterday.

Last week i wasn't even happier. *sigh

My sunshine was taken away. How could one just so blunt to not get the message just when you sent it straight to the head.

Just when your fallin' apart,that one you thought you could count on to just isn't there to catch you?
What happen to i'll catch you when you fall,ah?


i MERAJUK aa!!!
pfft pfft

Moody urs,


ahlost said...

Lai.. ahlost sayang Eve.. Don't merajuk liao *hugs*

Who.am.i said...

I'll shine mine upon YOU to cheer you.May your days be Happy days again!

Anonymous said...

Alalala....don't be sad. I will kick away all the unhapiness who caused by this little thingy, *****(i know who you are), don't mess with my babe. Lots of love baby.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up Eve.

Ppl don't treasure what they have till they lost everything and its to late to realize after that.

Rock On,Eve!

T-MO-T-TING said...

syorabi! c'mon la eve...
rockers dun emo wan!
we will always be there for u wan...no worries at all..

keep rocking on!

h3iDi *'`'*-.,_☆ said...

deAr, wIsh tO be there fOr u to chEer u up!! bUt no mAtter wAt, be stRong, u kNow thEre's aLways a pLace fOr u in mE!! hUgs!! mIss u, vOn!!

Eve! said...

ahlost- Cannot ar.Must MERAJUK oso!
*stap feet

who.am.i- Geez!Make sure its super bright.

Anonymous aka claudia-Still merajuk mode a.sibeh kek sim

Anonymous-Agreed! i wanna scream..

T-MO-T-TING- Not emo. MERAJUK ABIS BA!!! * giggles

h3iDi *'`'*-.,_☆- Sho sweeetttt!i don want to grow up.I wanna be tat lil girl where you look forward to everyday at the playground and always gets reward for being nice! ^__^

Anonymous said...

No, your sunshine was not taken away. He's just preparing things to catch you when you're fall. Your sunshine is still as bright as ever.

So cute la the face when merajuk!! But the si comel tweet tweet face is much much more cuter!! hehehe...

Eve! said...

Anonymous- Geez! Why gt so anonymous comment 1 in this post? How you know sunshine wasnt taken away? Its my sunshine eh,not yours.

You think that's cute? Wait till you see when im congek¬ ^__^