Friday, June 20, 2008

Got Gift?

Needed to give something which is exquisite! but yet sweet?
Head to Got gift? Gift the less ordinary!
Located at 1-06,1st Flr,
Green Heights Mall,
129,Lrg Lapangan Terbang 2,
93250 Kuching,
Opening hrs: 0900-2200 hrs
Hint: Cold storage,1st floor. Once you're hop on the escalator,you can't miss the shop.'Cause its the ONLY STORE open! minus those kiosk ey.
Tall mugs,short mugs,coffee mugs, glasses, waterbottles, solar jar,tea cup set etc are essential imported. No worries in searching a perfect mug!

His & hers keyholder, Genie on the bottle as a bottle stopper,towel napkin holder (si beh cute Giraffe eating the leaves), dead fred pen holder are merely brand of J-Me.
Brand J-me was founded by 2 brothers.
Both agree that their challenge is to create exceptional emotion & user interaction beyond the basic function of a product.

Mr.P ashtray, stirrer with hands at each end,mouse in cup paper clip holder and tooth brush holder. Fans of ducks! Got gift has tones of duckies' product ranging from cushion set, tissue holder, CD holder, toothbrush holder,towel holder etc.
Since i aint no fan of ducks,so no picture! Go see for yourself at Got gift alright.
hinting for froggies instead!


Also available lamps for home interior- Take example, the tooth lamp cum seat. Lamp look alike dogie in blue and also donuts shape coaster. There's a set of chihuahua speakers which is so cute!


This is cool. Something unique as a door hanger-Ambigram!!
Go away,but when turn it the other side its Come in.
Have you seen a tattoo ambigram? That's close to this ey.

Seen enough yet? Feel free to drop by,something may catch your attention.
Oh ya! They've got very nice paper bag for every item purchase from there. ^_^
We've been there,so should you go!
Got gift? Rocks!
Click here for more pictures here



ahlost said...

Eee.. I want to go there to have a look also. hehehe.. those gifts are so unique.

Why the operating hours 0900-1000 (One hour only geh) ?

Eve! said...

ahlost- Makes you wanna take everything home!

Apu..i am dreaming!Operating time ammended. Thanks for the correction

darrel said...

hahah, still early eve? anyway, this write-up rawks!!

Audrey Zoe aka 陳丽珍 said...

Eeeee.....So cute wor the stuff there....
Looks tempting.

durai said...

nice pictures...

Darren said...

oh cool, i'll drop by that place when i'm in kch next month

Eve! said...

darrel-Kam cheong ba.

Audrey Zoe aka 陳丽珍- Yea!i agreed!Even the owner oso cute,but not for sale.

durai-great stuff too.