Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Royal Tryst 3

I took a bus to get to IKEA. 1st time sitting bus in KL.
Why does every1 in KL rushes for the bus?

Long Q at the bus station.

Full house in the bus.
The arrow says,to get to IKEA,TESCO,THE CURVE ETC. Turn left is 500m (which is nearer),go straight would be 1000m. 0_0

I took the shortest cut. i went across instead which was like less then half KM.


Miss you every bits! Nx trip we're heading to the Warehouse + A'famosa k?


gLaDieZz said...

I suka Ikea... Wuaaa... So many ppl..

You didn't intro your friend geh?

T-MO-T said...

everyone rush for bus cos if u din get on...ur gonna wait for another hour...

how was the smell in the bus...cun sik...

Ikea ah!...should ask u buy another table lamp...hahaha!

did u try the rocking sofa?...

Eve! said...

gladiezz- *High 5. I spend half day there.Nx time stay in front of Ikea nia.

Which friend?The girl? I ever intro le..last yr's + this yr's post.

t-mo-t-Yea?Den ppl rush for seats in bus also. Makes me feel like lil' India. The bus i take wasnt smelly but got lots of weirdos.Eyes weird like Felix the cat,left right left right looking at you.

ngih! i not only try the rocking sofa,but i bought 1 rocking chair le. :P

sharon (^.^) said...

i never go to ikea.. i wanna go one day.. *sobs*

my parents think that go to kl for furniture shop is a waste of time

gLaDieZz said...

Sudah intro? Owh, I pigi cari cari. Hehehe. Paiseh paiseh...

Eve! said...

sharon (^.^)- Nx time go w/out them.Every section you go into,makes you wanna bring them all back home.The warehouse is SOO HUGE.Suka you only take which so ever.

gladiezz-Sudah ar.Dint read my blog la. ^_^

gLaDieZz said...

Ada read.... But X remember de mar... Hehehhee