Monday, April 28, 2008

How much is Enough?

Dear Babe,

You were at the lowest point of life today. Everything hits you when you least expected.

I know your not good in handling this kind of situation.You get tense easily.(FYI.No more place in Happy Valley d eh.wait for next yr's intake)

Being presured by your loved ones and only friends for support really is something.

Take a break.Go somewhere. The beach perharps? (That's where you ought to find me when im at my lowest point of life.) Have a good thinking. Otherwise,come and cry on me. Im so ready for you Babe! (Groovy baby!)

I'll defitely be your clown today.
I'll make Frog ballons for you or perhaps Pig ballons?Which so ever you want,i will.
I'll dress in pink for you.
I'll crack stupid jokes as if i was high on sugars for you.

I'll be your pickle eater today.

I'll let you use my best dress today.
I'll cook for you.
I'll sing for you.
I'll make funny faces for you.

These I will do for you to see that smile on your face again. I'll be your reason today (and every now and then.)

I'll be your strength and motivation.

All because I cared and I love you so.

p/s: Do you need to scream at someone? Im very happy to provide you a no.(1300- Psycho's No. )


Yours for today,


Anonymous said...

Hope your "Babe" is ok by now :)

gLaDieZz said...

yeapZz yeapZz