Friday, January 25, 2008

Best at His 24th

Him whom celebrated his 24th,which leaves him 6 year more before hitting the big 30.
Aaron was great to come by from O.T to be there...even it was a while.But the thought really counts.


Apart from the suprises given,Tim wasnt harm in any ways.Thanks to his babey givin this party.Even the children party next to us also kalah.


Majority filled that evening was from KB team.


Pacifier is tim's mouth wasn't a gift from me but from Alwyn.
I was just trying my best to snacth it away from him,but his pout was strong enough to suck on it. Woohoo! memang got practice sucking this... :P


Gather before we supriseTim was Gladys's brilliant idea...Pity those whom had to walk all the way from Pals Boutique to Pizza hut.I know it was pouring.


Here are some of the peeps that came...with caption in the pic.You ought to know who they are.
Smile baby if you love me.


Aha!Hot chic Alwyn was there too..gave tim some good licks. Ehem! Rephase,i meant licking off those creamy choc right off the cheecks.No ones took picture cause was shiook watching you two..yeah!shiook with double OO.


Allan was there...he took weird picture of everyone.Will save those for another post,together with my funny faces post.
Ah beng was there.i meant Ben.The only guy i know that sings to his baked biscuits. He believe they will turn out better.Don't believe me? Go to his blog,full of recipe and steps of how to baked gok.


Jimmy like doing exotic poses with his tougue,Ben likes showing off his dimple,Irene sweetly surrender herself,Frank frankly frog,Jello mello magoo...


Happy 24th Birthday Tim! Great things works in different ways,its your belief that counts.
Work your mind and heart together.You'll achieve what you were working hard on all this while.
If anyone pushes you down,all you got to do is just stand up and say 'Woit,siapa tolak ku tek?'


You gt punk'ed!


Unveiled the secret faces of a monkey and mouse.


cheers to all the food and drinks


You totally rocks that night with the pacificer.You were lucky enough not given any real sized adult dolly to bring home. :)

My date ^_^

Im ending this post of wilderness and rockness with this ...
We love our house,
We love our bread,
But most of all we love each other...


T-MO-T said...

this was da best part of my life! this was my first suprise bday!
sound sad but it was great!

yea i got punk'ed! it wasnt that bad! but i heard some already planning for next year!

anyways! i thank u for celebrating this 24th bday of mine with me!

thanks for every moment that very night...!


the question now is...

a n n n a said...

The party was awesome!

The pacifier..I laughed damn hard when i saw it.. LoL..

tim: wan plan for the next bday liaw har??

ting said...

it's was a very special birthday to tim..

tim: dont do it to me..

Eve! said...

T-mo-T - Best part of life to be shared with peeps around you.Finger crossed for what ever they are planning,may it goes well.
Mine is still far gone.

Annna- I knw..i cant stop laughin also.Hopefully you don get one also.

Ting- Special only cause you came up wit the idea dou.Thanks for the lovely invitation.