Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gift of Loveable Peeps

Gift of loVe

I got this from St.Peter's at Christmas Eve mass church service.

Read it!

They gt this too.

My lovely bunny lava krek team! Love them to every bits.

They rock mass service!


Choir sucks! Song tune too slow.i don feel Christmastic that night. That's why they were my victim of vanity shoots.

Got this from 1 of my Babes. I prefers those in stud or either rounds edged with funky shape rather than vertical shapes. Well,like they always say.Try out something than the usual.

Baked with love.
Thanks Anna for the little love baked in it.

Cookies and milk.Raisin and peanuts.
Anna and Eve.


Anna and Eve.

Honey Banana yello polka dot bikini

Anna and Eve got the same mug from Angel.

Santa Dear,

YOU came early this year.Not to mention the thought of bringing the gift from far till office.It was unnecessary,you could always drop it off at my crib.Then and again,it was a really DAMN GOOD SURPISE from YOU.(Seriously too good that i was half dead speechless trying to respond to You.Blushing my way thru' and covering up every flawness i've made,cause it wasn't Rock to be it!)

Pls Santa, don't suprise me anymore.I don't like suprises. It can kill me by minutes. Don't get me wrong.Not i don't like the gift,i do. But i don't like surprises.Mind you could always drop me a hint o two the next time your giving any suprises in near future.

Lotsa Luv + hugs,

Eve the jingle jinx

Another gift from my Babes,whom adore Teddys like little girls adoring Barbies in store and little boys adoring robots.

This teddy can sing wor.With chocolates and sweet. A good way for my hyper-ness to kicks in!
Thanks Babe.
Always love you to bits!

None other than HER.

Merry Christmas
Lotsa hugs,


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johnston said...

WUa so gd ah!!!! HEy Happy new to you EvE!!! WUA hahahah

Selina said...

Merry Christmas To my lovely lady. May All your dreams came true n Happy New Year!