Sunday, December 02, 2007


Morning peeps!
How was your weekend? Mine was jammed up with events! manage to pull thru some minor meet ups.
chap chap chap! Hot news to share¬
Are you into music?
or perhaps you like to hear something new with a lil twist of originality embedded?
If you are and would like to support our local Chinese rock bands, you can come and join us at Fever Bar And Club on 8th December 2007, next Saturday, from 7.30pm-12am
Where they're putting up this live show?At BAR AND CLUB this coming 8-12-07 from 7-12pm.
Tickets selling at RM10. Affordable dou?Rather than paying in hundreds.nyway, here’s the ticket. The booklet consists of the information of the 8 bands that will perform that night and you can get some discount coupons in there.

Which bands you might want to know playing?
The bands that will be performing are Channel1(pazuzu in there!!), Visualise, SLap!, Dream Machine, uglymen, Spider Web, Cyberbreed, and Zhao.

Upon purchasing the tickets, you also get a booklet with vouchers/discount.I know you like vouchers/discount!

What music they're playing?Definetly my type-Rock with a little Hip Hop.

This is apple.New friend i meet.Below is her sister,Cheery.
So Apple cheery rhymes!

Cynthia was at present.Cutie pie!

Irene just got back from a hair cut.Lookin fine¬

Geez Me was there

She was here

He's one of the lead singer in the band.Which band?Come and find out during their live show this weekend! He don't bite!
Don't worry.This live show,you not only can have music to feed your soul but also feast your eyes. ^_^

Ah pao came!

Leslie came too.He's also playing on this weekend.You know him?Come and give your supports.

Tim was there too

Alan or izit Allen?

Till then, i need to rush to another dinner.
Lotsa luv + Hugs,


twvsk said...

good post! heheh! will be there!
see u there! bring ur frens there!
and we have fun there ahhahaha!

ahlost said...

eeee.. didn't photoshop my face in there kar?

Eve! said...

TIm--cant make it there

ahlost--im not that good le