Monday, October 22, 2007

7 days apart

Its exactly 1 week to my 23rd and 6 days for my bro's 27th.
Every year since i came to know of this world before me...its the month of Oct where i get to have combo's birthdays of me and Bro.
Why combo?Because Bro party 1st then next day is me partyin'
So Combo wishes,combo gift,combo cakes and combo loves from every loved ones.
So we always CoweR Bangga!
(Ninja Turtle was our favourite back then)
P/s: i know mummy is reading this.I'll list down my want list in the next post,aight?
To all my babes out there whom i know logs in my blog page everyday,looking forward for an update.Since you're aware of my upcoming D DAY is soon approaching.What ever you have in mind for my D DAY..Pls be kind not to torture me. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, darlin. Send my regards to your big bro. May both of your dreams come true. Let's have beers *Cheerz*


AiR said...


hehehehe... juz a suggestion. ;) But would you consider?

Eve! said...

Air: am considering.Venue is a prob