Sunday, September 16, 2007

Catcity Clique

Ey peeps..I've got no words to jot here as the numerous blogs have preach about it.
Click on their names under caption for their link.

*Azuki were the complimentary drinks for Blogger only while Mocha was on my bill.Azuki Extremely sweet aa..makes you go loco all day i tell you.

*Yea,We took Starbucks like storm.

*The trivia winner seated in navy blue-Adrian

*Noami and Adrian .

*A bunch of Hyper Active bloggers. Emory,Aaron, Paul, Tim,Johnston, Dennis, Rose

*This is Yomi.

*Tauke Adverlets-Josh Lim. A down to earth person i must say.

He simply Rocks! Woohoo!

*Now this is Gladys or it is Gladzzy? She's a virgin. ^_^

*Snap 1

*This was when Azuki really kicks in...I can't help but to notice when you are ask to do crazy faces,some tends to yak mouth wide open.Coincident or what?Count how many faces were with mouth wide open for this crazy session.

Rock on Peeps!




annna said...

Hihihi!! It's nice to meet u here, aLtho din get to meet during the gathering.

Love the top!

P/s: You look extremely familiar.. Are you studying in SEGi College? I have bad bad memory. Haha.. paiseh...

Eve! said...

Thanks..sweet of you.

Yeaps!i am. ^_^

Awesome memory.

ahlost said...

Eve !!

It was really nice meeting you again.. hahahaha...

didn't know the world is so small. :)

and and.. Congrats on the consolation prize :P

Eve! said...

Ahoy ROse!

Yeah was a twist of how we meet again.


gLaDieZz said...

You got it correct, Gladys. Kekeke.

Have I ever told you that I like your page? So canggih ah!!

Can I have the pic? =D