Friday, September 22, 2006


This bulletin is specially dedicated to my beb—Victoria Alfredo.

Thru this period of life, we’ve been thru the ups and downs. We face the truth and secret which reveals itself during its time.

We’ve shared certain common aspect in our life,
Honour and cherish every memoir me had together,
Bringing everyday a blast!

As were scroll along this life,
I began to realize we were different in our dreams and belief,
No longer the same path we use to be once,
I guess some things were made to change for the better,

Dou We’ve been tested with trials and threats in our FRIENDSHIP,
We’ve manage to survive the tidal so far,

Living the life now,
Will portrait our values,
The person we are to be in future,
Take each steps slowly as your marching thru your life,

Im always and will be cheering for you,
I’ll be your comfort,
Your source of encouragement,

Beb, u Rock my Days!

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