Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beb's In tOWn

My Beb ALfredo arrived this MOnday while my d other beb Lovina went to KK.Been up n down towen whole day visiting people n places..Went to Serikin yesterday a call frm Nina sayin 'CATs ARE HEre'..Yippie!haPPy haPPy JOy JOy.
Went to NIna's crib to check out those Cats.Longin for a PERsiAN cAT,caNT afford a DogiE.PErsian CAt wiLL do. :)
When NIte hIts,we're In bArziNG,Mc3,GrappA Boozing.MArk,LEster,Sarah,Eza,Alfredo n mE was booZing all nite Long.SOme Got the KIck of BoozE n started spEaKin Foreign LAnguage whiLE others laughing.

TOday,Beb alfredo flying back home.*siGh.NExt trip wiLL be Out of SarawaK partyING~

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