Friday, June 17, 2011

Bountiful Tribute to Harvest Festival @ Grand Margherita, Kuching

Grand Margherita Hotel is having a bountiful Harvest Festival of local delicacies for the month of June.
One of top 10 delicacies of Sarawak- The Pansuh; Fresh meat cooked in bamboo with water & seasoned ingredients.

The Kueh Tebeduk - Rice pudding made from rice flour,coconut milk and palm sugar (gula apong)


Top: Wild ferns [midin & paku] saute with chilli & prawn paste [belacan] 
Bottom: Preserved cat fish & venison in salt aka Kasam Ikien/ Kasam Jerak

 Sukui Bandung - Tapioca topped with shredded coconut

What's not to love lobster's love- my all time favorite! =)

The Harvest Festival promotion runs from 27th May - 30th June'11 at Orchid Garden Coffee House.Available for lunch & dinner.

Grand Margherita Hotel,
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching
T: +6082 423111 (General) / +6082 418911 (Reservations)
F:+6082 426169 (General)/ +6082 237296 (Reservations)
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