Sunday, August 31, 2008


How was your Merdeka?

They made my Merdeka Eve Night a memory to held. My 1st time celebrating Merdeka back in Kch, i always back fly back home breaking the night away with my peeps back then.


Credit: Frank

Not to mention, i break record step into Dangdut pub that night. Seeepoooillll btol.

Oh WTH!! A Merdeka night to remember hek*long sigh*

P/s: Mat rock, i got 2 glasses back home.It wasn't my idea to swirl it back eh.My better half took them. :)

Rock On!



Eve's Better Half said...

I 'kidnap' 2 glasses, 1 for you and 1 for me... hahaha...
I thot you like Dangdut Pub so Much le... hahaha.. Just Kidding..
Sure is a Merdeka Night to remember...

Eve's Better Half

ahlost said...


You two !!!! Adopt glasses from everywhere :D

Eve! said...

eve's better half- Thank you vy much o_o'
Dangdut is disco suicidal. :P

ahlost-I think that's what happen when you drink too much Heineken.

Anonymous said...

Nice toga dress, eve!!!


Anonymous said...

ur daring pink had me admiring in awE!

Eve! said...

anonymous aka claudia- Woot woot!


Eve! said...
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