Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Am i the only one feeling this way?As it feels weird when people say things like, "hey, I read your blog." or "Eh! Your a blogger, right?" or when I get recognized through my blog.

Well, I appreciate that they admit it. But it kinda makes me feel like such a dork! Some thinks blogging is the way to be famous. To get sponsors, to be invited to parties and such.

Not only yesterday someone said, ''Bloggers are people who have too much time on their hands,got nothing better else to do."

Ahh well! I started blogging years and years ago. I started blogging when everyone else was still oblivious to what a blog meant. That's how dorky I am!

However I only started blogging because I always loved writing. That’s how I got myself into art stream, story telling, debating etc. But I hated writing at the same time because it hurt my hands. Typing was way much easier for me to do. Other than that, I got to get what I've on my mind out in less than half the time that it would take to write everything out instead.

I even got my friends to start blogging. I wonder if anyone remembers me asking them to start a blog. Hahahaha. At times,I can’t commend on blogs where I find it hard to comment.

There are some bloggers out there from whom I draw inspiration and to believe that I myself manage to inspire others to draw/blog/write is just mind boggling to me. So I try not to think too much about it. If they enjoy my blog then I'm happy.

And as with any relationship, my relationship isn't perfect and sometimes I want to vent but I've learnt that some things are meant to be hold unto yourself. But no worries, we're doing great. :) ' cause nobody say it was easy.(Every now and then,i get anonymous msgs via FB/emails & sometimes random meet ups,asking if i'm attach or not. I find it disturbing dou.)

There are days where I wish I could just sing the joys of having not just any smelly old boyfriend,but a boyfriend whom has very much similarities of the inner me. How we're very much alike always overpowered the differences we had. (yay! i just don't believe we can rhymes that well.) Not to mention at days I just get overwhelmed by happiness that I wish to share it but I know people won't want to see me that happy. :P

As with anyone normal enough, I admit that my family isn’t supportive in blogging (still they gave me the strongest support when i needed them) and at times they pisses me off.They find blogging as nonsense. I don't blame them for this. I think the reason for it all is because back then, blogging wasn't a common thing. It was strange, weird, and such a nerdy thing to do! And because it was uncommon, the amount of readers I had were few. Not to mention, its as if your exploiting your own life & such.

It does come across my mind that maybe I should just privatize my blog and invite a few people to read it. Ah, but boring also that.

Hence, now everyone blogs and practically all social network sites have blogging capabilities.

There is no conclusion to this post. These are just thoughts that have been swimming about my mind just recently and for me to sketch them out. Although I do have a blog.. Calling myself a blogger is just something I feel rather uncomfortable doing. Don't ask me why! Other people are able to pronounce very proudly. I won't mind telling you about it after being asked though. Those who've known me personally would understand.

P/S: I kid about blogging being popular.

Till then, Rock On!



T-MO-T-TING said...

i see...
i got something else to say about this...

i envy ur writing skills...
thats all i have to say....

*round of applause*

ahlost said...

Sometimes I feel weird too especially when my relatives said.. Hey Rose, I read your blog !! @.@

and sometimes I think "some" people just don't like it when you take your camera out to take pics..

So, sometimes, it's better to be anonymous @.@

T-MO-T-TING said...

another comment about ur post AHHAHHA

ok seriously...sometimes ppl recognize me, and they will tebal muka think i will know them..cos THEY think they are very femes like kruger, and they exploded cos i said i dunno them...and screamed at me too...

and that pisses me off...

and i also dun like ppl referring me as a sounds so weird ahahha!

but sometimes when taking pics in public ppl will ask wad i take pic for...and sometimes it will slipped out my mouth , " FOR BLOGGING PURPOSES", then i somehow regretted saying it cos i should have said something better ahahah!...

but very good writing

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Eiiiii! I know you la! kekekeke. I say be happy as you can be :)

Eve! said...

T-MO-T-TING- yea?When ppl thinks you as blogger and not you as an individual.Its as if labelling oneself.Its been a while since i've written this post,took me a while before i decide to post it up. Happy that you like it?

Heaps of thanks for your feedback. At least your not naive to comment on such issues.

Rock ON!

ahlost- yea yea!I've got colleagues who tend to behave like that also.At times,it could be one of their hotest topic also...yey,anonymous is better at times,kan.

wombok- yey!i know you too but w/out the mask. Am as happy to have a plastic friend like YOU.*big wide smiles*