Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 Days more

In case you haven't notice.

3 days more till we celebrate our National Day once again.


In case you wonder,i had my hair cut shorter. Wee!

rOck on!



ahlost said...

Happy Merdeka in advance.

I didn't realise it's just 3 days away if you din write bout it :D

allen said...

i like the hair and that angle.

Eve! said...

ahlost- yey!!

allen-*bIG wiDE sMIle*

Anonymous said...

yeaAaah! independence day sooon ;)

Sky said...

hey, the background looks familiar. office is it?

Eve! said...

Samantha- yey!! party2

Sky- Sheessh!nx time i need to PS d B/grd off. :)