Monday, July 28, 2008

Plush Toy Party 2- Cont

Meet the owner of the little friends.
Georgette & Quacker.
*coMel nyerrrrr
Azreen & Lovelace.
Lovelace didnt brought suftboard there dou.

Anna & FroGie.
She brought along Crabbie & Wallie also.

Allen & Bella-PCK.
One sealion who has a - in its name.They wore the same attire and had the same hair style. *ngah ngah

Gladys & Russel.
Gladys finally came out hybernating ad Russel finally got a name.
*wide smile.

Ivan & Puppy.
Puppy was in quick sand.

John & PorQ
PorQ looks like brush which cleans the shoe top. :P
Big black nose tip blocked its face.

Maggie & Barkley
According to Maggie,Barkley is 18 yrs old.

Eve & Fred
The Frog Prince whom looks like Kermit the Frog. Don't ask me if they are related not.

RocK on!

p/s: There were more little friends came...i'm waiting for Allen & Tim to share.I was busy enjoying Bambini . *ngah ngah ngah


annna said...

kekeke... the owners are cute too.. heehee.. *curi picha from here liaw*

ahlost said...

How old is Maggie? Hehehehe...

and and... looks so fun lar.. Should have made it if not cos of work :(

Eve! said...

annna-lil kids with their lil friends.Reminds me of childhood era.

ahlost-Maggie? That is 1 Q i didn't get to ask. U should hav ask ur kangaroo to drive to Bing! on behalf ba.

ahlost said...

Hahaha.. My kangaroo doesn't have M'sia driving license *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Frog cutie!!! lots of plaything go around together. Great idea. Eve...yours the biggest I guess. Muaksss to everyone!!!


Eve! said...

ahlost-No M'sia driving license still can use International license to drive. :p

anonymous-That's the Frog Prince brought back frm Ikea wat.Some1 tot Fred was lonely and got a gf for him. wth! =.=''