Friday, July 25, 2008

10 Pictures

As tag by H3iDi for top 10 favourite pictures. Why 10? I wish there were 11 or perharps 20.*wide big smile.
These 10 pictures are peeps whom ROcks My dAys,always.


Her & Me,back in 2006. A wedding not forgotten. This is best capture moment rather than me catching the bouquet. *Its not funny,parker!

Her & me back 2005. Tantalizing Parkcity garden,pretending to be one of the pine trees. Don't worry,more photos of Her & me.

This was break of new yr 2005/2006 back in GP. Had hell lots of dooze! Hear Uncle Bujang karaoke-ing whole night. Bobby & Karen were battling songs also and not forgetting boy was upsad 'cause he was super tired. But we were extremely high till we continue in CB after math .

Peeps! These were the bunch whom were at every party we attended and was held. Everyones has a story to tell.Some move on,some soon to be hitch'd and some parted. While others are just as crazy still. How can you not love these peeps to bits?

It was during London Circus,kuching. My 1st encounter with white pony,ok?! See how me & pony's eyes glaze.Si beh sakai¬ :P
Story behind it! We used 4 cars to be at London Circus & free tickets for front row. *wink wink

2007-Jasz got hitched! An event to shared,to laugh and to remembered!
Dance away whole night thru at Merderka Palace.

It was red and black that night.Not its not the theme! but some how or rather the crowd were in that colour.Those who made it there would still feel a little sting its sweetness.

Love you girls to bits!
Babes whom i break new yr 2007/2008 with at Lounge 2,kuching. I was extremely hyper that night that i started to climb every chairs and leaving my DNA on every DSLR lenses wet.* sorry guys. I can't help it.

Annual dinner back 2007.Tones of events,tones of laughter,tones of memories were laid. Besides winning the best dress that night,i brought something back also. Something i held still...even now! Them,whom were there will know what im talking 'bout. *smiles
Lastly, HEr & Me. Shared what we most treasure most-Our Friendship! Something to believe in and count on!
Peeps whom ROcK my Days!
And i end this with not tagging anyone.


Anonymous said...

I knew it. I mean I know what you were talking about *giggles*
by the way, why am I not involve in you top 10...hehe. When you post top 10 for 2008 next year, must have me ya...just kidding. work hard, play hard.


Eve! said...

anonymous aka claudia-Goodie good!!Quota not enough. :P