Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Karma baby

Does gossip makes life a lil' more interesting?
Tell me,i REALLY would like to know.


a n n n a said...

Gossiping is a habit. Habit leads to lifestyle. So, makin hebat bergosip, makin happening ur lifestyle. However, it won't be such an interesting life if you're the one being gossiped. At the same time, your personality won't be looking good if you're known as the gossiping queen/king aka sampat-po/pek. Ngahahaha.. as if everyone is not sampat. ngekngekngek..

Anonymous said...

Yah.. totally agree with annna.

Eve! said...

a n n n a-d worse of this gossiping thingy is these ppl are big time hypocrite eh! Si beh tahan. No wonder world is hardly at peace with ppl like this.

rosewong- * peace