Friday, March 28, 2008


There were a couple of peeps being invited personally via email.

Not only the below couple.


But also couple of gang bangers. See Boss is covering the flash lense? Allan's EOS 350D can scare you cornea till shock.


Boss was there. Always ready to give you a piece of chinese philosophy which can make you go Haa...& wtf.Words is mightier then your sword. ^_^


Ah Ge aka Vivian also there...


Rose also came...


Also Gladys, JF and Dutchess herself.


Not forgetting Jello aka KY-A writer whom i've invited to blog in

As i quote from Sharon's-'' Eve, my highness was so sweet accompany me once i stepped into Anna’s crib and commanded her slave who she calls him as Jello (honestly no idea why) which his name is Gary Chen @ Cky to get me a drink. Thanks dear ''

To set this straight, KY is being called Jello 'cause KY is a packet jelly brand.That's how he got that nick Jello. Whereby I never commanded anyone ever as my slave ever. (would the waiter/waiteress count?) No hard feelings for this,but the way its been written just degraded another individual value.

Kesian dia kan... :P


Last but not least,my rock mate was there also. Its been a while since we last talk. When wanna catch up? Don FFK ar.Otherwise,i'll sent my troup to tied you up on top of the kenyalang statue at RH Plaza. :P


Aha! This cutie- JOEL was the highlight of that evening dou. WHY?? 'cause he bullied MAFIA kaw2. Till he couldn't take it and report to Joel's mummy.

Next update will be on HOW JOEL BULLIED MAFIA. *wink


Us being girls.


Them being boys.


Back to the host herself. Being Anna,she adore manicure/pedicure and everything a girl at heart would much loves. Creative as she is and chatty also. But most of all,she definitely Rock my days!!

She did a before & after suprise! see if you could tell which is the before & after look.
You are like a chameleon-possessed the ability to change into great works.

Chameleon are able to change their skin color.Color is an expression of the physical and physiological condition of the lizard, not as is commonly believed to match their surroundings.The color also plays a part in communication.
Take an example,your hair style changes more often since i 1st meet you. And each hair style you had,you always brings out the best in them.

Not to mention your size are like them also.Small petite figure. *ahask!

And your eyes glaze like them.Remember back when Paul said he didnt dare to look into your eyes? Fear might fall into a deep spell.That how it can have impact on others.
Eyes glaze like Chameleon but cannot do the a full 360-degree arc of vision of 'cause,otherwise your gonna be a new breed of Cicak girl. *ngah ngah

Happy Birthday Anna Bella Jade.
p/s:Your initials are A.B.J = Air batu jambu. *ROFLMAO



T-MO-T said...

Aha! This cutie- JOEL was the highlight of that evening dou. WHY?? 'cause he bullied MAFIA kaw2. Till he couldn't take it and report to Joel's mummy.

syorabi! ahahhahahahah! *shake head * shake head....

kena chop mafia eh...

Eve! said...

t-mo-t- *Ngih. Your a KID MAGNET,man!!!

gLaDieZz said...

After reading the comments, the picha of Jello really look kesian... HAHAHA.

ABJ Haha... Naisee Naisee.

pynk said...

sorry jello..

:( you're one lovely guy..

anyways my highness, you look pretty that night. i seriously adore your hair!

Eve! said...

gladiezz-He sure can pull a pity look oh!

Air batu jambu.Anna is sure gonna faint reading this.

pynk-Lovely guy? Ngih* Hw come he's x giving me any love pun.

Thanks for adoring my hair.Its gettin too blond nw.*pfft

a n n n a said...


Nang best got u guys around that nite! Couldn't be anymore fun w/out u guys.

And.. THem being Boys.. HAHHAHAA..

Wo Shi Boi