Saturday, January 05, 2008

Chic in Big CIty


Tomorrow marks your day of birth once again.This year is much empty not having you around again.It fills the emptiness we've felt way back 2 years ago.
Its not that we don't want to go over.Its just as time is passing,responsible comes without warning. You've took pace.


Like Rain hitting earth anytime of the day even with forecast weather man to predict.
Nevertheless, we've had tones of events together and harsh times
We miss you dearly.We talked about you every now and then.


This was the last picture we took before you leave us. Kuching Fest! another event we never missed thru out the year! We are still keeping the tradition alive.
After all,we 3 still have each other here.

Keep eyes open.Something might just come to your office starting from tomorow. No worries.We don't come in parcel. ^_^
A lovely gift from us back home.
Lotsa Luv + Hugs
On behalf of the girls- Lovina & Audrey


gLaDieZz said...

Happy Birthday Chic!

Anonymous said...

Hey gladiezzz, I supposed to be the first to comment la cause I am the Birthday gal..kekeke. Anyway, thanks gladiezzz for the Birthday wish.

Thanks to my lovely babe who created this entry. Much appreciated. I was in your blog last year, and this year you did it again. Thank you so much. Hope this trend will last for as long as you live....just kidding. You rox, babe. Keep it up, yea.

By the way, i never seen the last pic you posted up there. You didnt show me earlier, did you? Apa la...i never knew there is such photo existed but honestly the pic of us is absolutely beautiful. Four f**king naughty biyatch!!! We look hawt, aren't we? hehehe. (puji diri sendiri). Its true what!!!

Its really a pleasure to know you guys. Love u guys so much. Hope to see you someday!!! (banyak kerja nih)

Claudia :)

Anonymous said...

Yvonne, tumpang blog ko lok. hehe

Claud, Happy belated Birthday to you. Ur birthday present wait till u come back then give u. hehe! Eh! bila gik balit Kch? We all missed u ler... u no missed us ka???

Btw, want to let u know that I'm glad to know u. And take good care of urself. hehe! Keep in touch.


Eve! said...

Claudia- Well,i manage to dig out some old pic i store back 2 years again.Beautiful as we are.Unique by Individual.**HUGS

Lovina-Not for her to come back,time for us to go over d.*HUGS

Pazuzu said...

frenship forever...


Anonymous said...

Lov, thanks for the birthday wish even thought its already belated. But still the heart that counts. I will go back for the present, no worries. You take care too. Smile always.

Eve, you are right. I am waiting for you guys to come. Let's rox the whole KL. kekekeke.