Monday, September 03, 2007

Babe of 23rd

A toast of Birthday hugs and Kisses for my Babe-Aud.

My first sight of her was way back college days,when we were in the same Foundation class of DBM.

Sweet,shy,smart and full of curiosity are her personalized character.Never fail to cheer up my days.Not only herself as an individual but also her whole family whom i treat as my 2nd family also.

*This is Her.

To keep this short,your awesome in many ways.Am proud to tell you this!

Your definitely an FRIENd which i treasure much.ROck on,babe!

*The cheese cake which i've eaten

*yeaps!that's a full happy me with the last bits of cheese cake



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Audrey. Wish you achieve your dreams one day cause nothing is impossible. Believe in yourself, and you will be successful. Good Luck, woman!!!

To the other woman (grinning), I know you're getting prettier nowadays. love the displayed pic during Audrey's B'day. You're awesome. Huhu....XoXo. Hugs...Godmother. hehe.

Miss you guys a lot!!!