Thursday, January 18, 2007


Exam just ended.Sigh* tough and easy till not sufficient time to jot every theory and example.To those who fought till end.Be happy and pray for the best result within 3 months.
Right after our last exam which falls on Wednesday. We headed for dinner then straight to B@rZing! and Mc3.Alcohol Therapy is needed to cure the Michael Porter and Equity Policy.

*jazs + eve.
A sweetheart indeed.crack jokes till sakit perut.My sample of make over :P
Bila Alvin leong nih?o Fernandez?


*Eve + Kunga
Another sweetheart and sometimes blur sotong.

*Now i don knw what's this.Could either be a Seahorse or some sea creature.

*Well,if u cant own one.At least pose with someone who own ones,aight?

*Shimani + Eve.
Another crack nut.

*Shiok that night i tell you,until i went cracko~

*Eve + Selina

Gr8 shopping companion and listener.Awesome taste in fashion.

That night was fun till some were expressing different faces.Probably the booze was kicking in.Scroll down for the booze faces to see for urself.

*Some were shock or could it be shiok?

While others were seeing you through a glass.'I see you now,i see you dont.'

*This is Desmond.If your happen to come across my site.Give me a shout out as Im still searching for your blog site ar.

*Dick is his name, with his 1 million smile away.

*Xenogear + eve

For those who came that night.Lots of hugs and love.We had an awesome boozing time while cracking the nuts. :)

:: xOxO ::

º))))>.·´¯`·. EvE ¸.·´¯`·.¸>((((º>

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