Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Piggy year

New year 2006 wasn’t a blast but yet it was still good. Family and friends gather at Paul’s residents in Victory Garden. Karaoke, eating and drinking were part of the countdown towards few hours before hitting new years.

*Crab promo

*Eve + Karen.

*Crab taste good

*Crab taste even better

*Juicy crab(in her hands i meant)

*Peeps @ Paul's

*Sempat Parker get her hair straighten + we sempat cam whore

The fall of 31st December, 2 hours just before clock strike 12 sharp. We (Eve,Parker + Minday) manage to slip in UK Funfair which was in town quite a while ordi. As you notice its has been strong pouring since early December, we had to wait till it was fine bright night to enjoy the fun~.

At last went to scare myself at U.K Funfair located at Boulevard Hypermarket car park.

Entrance fee RM2.

RM 2 per token.

Trill i tell you.

We scare our self on new year’s eve. Had trills rides just before New Year to mark our last entry of 2006.

*A-Force 1 was the 1st ride we tooked. 5 token per ride

*sempat again kachik. there's a video taken on this ride.Will load it up once i've got the copy.Lucky the H-cam dint slip and fall.

*Ghost house which is a waste.2 token per entry

*Takada ka Tadaka..something something ta da ta da.

*Right at 12a.m fireworks hitting the air, blasting in different pattern of flowers and colours.Very loud as we were standing behind the crackers.

In a separated day and event which were to mark an entry for year 2007, we headed to UK Funfair again. (Gian glak) This time we headed for Colorado. Damn song!

*Colarado was the water rail boat.That's clean clear air hujan. :P

*i wish i could won them home.

*Axeis the ferris wheel behind me.Click here for a better view of Axeis

*Got cactus gok

:: xOxO ::
º))))>.·´¯`·. EvE ¸.·´¯`·.¸>((((º>

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