Monday, October 30, 2006

2 cheers

*FIne, Fab, Rocks!
Had really outrageous events this pass few days.

Raya was great while the food was awesome.Instead of helping me to lose inches but pyling up pounds.Life is great without good food. Let's recall which house i crash during raya.Umm..Uncle Amin,Shaliza,Faizal aka Abyn,Siti Norizan,Sarah,Lisa,Dzamir,Qana,Adi,Martin..etc.Sorry peeps,i cant recall others.blimey mE

The next outrageous events was Ernest's birthday(BRo) .We had lunch at Ah hui,padungan and dinner at Carvery,Pending.First time being there, not up to my expectation of service dou,food not that tasty( as claim) but the serving are a plus!

*Happy 26th birthday,bro! and 22nd to me~

The last big thing of the event was my birthday,had it at Magenta.Splendid place! Food tastes good,service was good oso but the whole house was cracking due to the wooden floor.
AND every sundays desserts are F.O.C with every main dish. That's another plus!

*Marble Cheese cake by Hilton,Highly recommended for cheese lovers :)

*American chocolate with vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate syrup by Magenta

*Chocolate filling topped with butter cream by Audrey beb

*Me buBBles pose :)

Edit: Me and my brother birth date's are just a day apart.His on the 28,mine on the 29.4 years apart

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