Friday, September 08, 2006

Turtle in trent

Guess u ol have read the news of the AUstralian Popular Croc HUnter-->Steve IRwin.
Pretty Sad,Uh?Of ol the ways of death,He got the Sting death.DIed Instant!I was told to include a turtle in my MSN in respect of Steve Irwin.

According to sources,the barb of the Stingray might have got him right near the heart but the barb would not have gone throught his chest...oH dear~

A Question came thru my MSN list of frens asking ..''why is everyone using the turtle sign in front of their nick?OMG!Turtle represent buayak ka?''

D answer to tat Question of urs my dear fren is RESPECT OF STEVE IRWIN LA..i don blame u for sayin buayak,as today's local daily quote a news on 'BOMOH BUAYA'.

This 'BOMOH BUAYA' has special power to communicate with the killer croc to surrender itself..Y surrender?Coz this KIller croc snap some1s child along Sarawak RIver..N yes!this 'BOMOH BUAYA' is being assisted by the VIP's bomoh oso..Creepy~

p/s:Y use Turtle as icon?Steve Irwin got stung by Stingray le...Y turtle?
Jz like the MALAY PROVERB goes--->SUSU SAPI,LEMBU PUNYA NAMA. (Did i get tat right?)

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